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Six numerical activities for Waterside Estates preschoolers

Posted on 02-02-2015


Numerical skills are necessary for every child for a variety of subjects in preschool and school. This means that, as a parent, you will want to ensure your child is well-equipped in this area of development. We will be discussing child care games and activities that you can enjoy with your child at home. These are aimed at developing basic counting and order skills. Consequently, when your child begins math or any other subject involving numbers, he or she will be more than prepared to meet those challenges.

Number puzzles

One of the easiest and most effective ways to teach your child about numbers is by utilizing number puzzles. They are illustrated by displaying numbers from left to right and top to bottom, instead of using pictures. This enables your child to learn which numbers go in which order, and will have fun solving a unique puzzle at the same time. These are inexpensive and can be made from a template found on the Internet, or you can use the back sides of existing puzzles.

Counting and order games

Games, such as hide and seek, count the cars or an ordered scavenger hunt are all excellent ways of practicing numerical skills. These help your child understand the reasons for numbers and why they are ordered as they are. They offer fun and rewards for counting or performing actions in a particular order. You can also utilize basic activities that many of us take for granted to teach your child about numerical values, such as counting coins. Start encouraging your child to practice these skills as early as possible.

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