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Little League Month With Your Preschooler

Posted on 08-25-2017

Celebrate Little League Month with your preschooler by catching a local game or organizing an impromptu one in your neighborhood! Bat and ball games have been around for eons, but our modern form of baseball has its origins in British, German, and early American “round ball" and “town ball” games from the 1700s and 1800s. Your preschooler will love learning about this favorite American pastime as you have fun and play together!

Little League Month

September is celebrated as Little League Month to recognize Little League Baseball and Softball, a nearly century-old organized baseball and softball league for children ages four to sixteen. Established by Carl Stotz of Pennsylvania during the Depression Era, Little League Baseball and Softball brought organized, volunteer-run play opportunities to local neighborhoods. The organization grew from its humble 1930s beginnings to now include more than 2 million children worldwide.

Enjoy a local game

Look up your local Little League schedule and catch a game with your preschooler before the season ends. As you watch the game unfold, talk about the roles of the different players and how the innings work. During the breaks, take a walk to stretch your legs, checking out views of the field from different vantages. And don’t forget to pack a few snacks! Chilled apple slices and crunchy pretzels will help the outing to be a fun and memorable one for your little one!

Organize a t-ball match

Set up a t-ball match in your backyard with you, your preschooler, and a few friends. Don’t worry about rules of play, but allow everyone to take turns hitting and chasing the ball. Inquisitive as always, your little one will have no shortage of questions for you about the game, and you will both have fun being able to play and learn together. Bring out a platter of cold sliced watermelon to enjoy afterwards, and everyone wins!

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