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Five fun developmental games for you and your infant in Richmond, TX

Posted on 06-30-2014


Whether your child is a newborn or just learning to walk, there are plenty of ways you can play with your infant. Playing is not just a bonding experience, it is one of the primary ways in which your child learns. Here are five great ideas for playing with your infant:

  1. Sensory play for newborns: It may seem like your newborn infant cannot do much, however with some gentle stimulation, she will start to develop new skills. Showing your child new things and reacting enthusiastically when she engages with the object is a great way of introducing her to colors, textures and sounds.
  2. Dancing: Even if your child is not mobile, dancing with her is a great way to have fun. Your child will be introduced to new sounds, rhythms, and movements, and you can choose the music for engagement or for sleeping. As your infant becomes more mobile, you can modify your dancing to help your child build physical strength through bouncing, crawling or even pulling up on secured furniture.
  3. Drums: Rattles, squeaky toys, bells or anything that makes a noise is an immediate favorite with infants. If your infant is very young, play with the rattle near her, then move it out of sight and repeat. This will help her to learn to track sounds. Older infants will love making their own noises and begin to develop rhythm, concentration and motor skills.
  4. Roll the ball: Rolling a soft, light, colorful ball between you and your infant is a great way to get her to follow movement. Let her grasp, squeeze and throw the ball, praising her each time she interacts with it. This will help your child learn coordination, focus and motor skills while stimulating touch and sight.
  5. Copycat: Your child learns a lot simply by mimicking you, so turning it into a game is a fun educational experience. Make funny faces, to touch her nose or feet and make funny noises, all of which encourages motor skills, communication, language and memory development.

To add an extra element of fun and stimulation, try taking these activities outdoors with a trip to Sunset Park in nearby Rosenberg. There are plenty of amenities, walking trails and a playground for older children.

If you are looking for a child care facility that emphasizes healthy development in a safe, secure and fun environment, consider Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Waterside.

For more information on our infant program, staff or state-of-the-art facility, contact us today.

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