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Communication and Preschool Children

Posted on 05-02-2017

Encouraging communication development in your preschooler can be a ton of fun if you have the resources that would work best for your child. Here are a few ideas that you can consider as you seek to improve your child’s communication skills.

Play games with your child that require high levels of communication.

Children ages 3–5 should be able to carry out three-step directions to accomplish a goal. Play a simple movement game, and give a three-step plan to be followed. You could tell your child to pick up the throw pillow and place it on the counter, and then take a dinner plate from the table and place it in the floor, and then take a toy block and place it where they found the dinner plate. Giving similar instructions and making games out of them will increase memory and communication.

Read aloud to your preschooler as much as possible.

The best way to improve your child’s communication skills is to read aloud to them. There are so many additional benefits that come with reading aloud, such as reading comprehension and a better vocabulary. Choose books of great literature to share with your child. Picture books are also a great option!

Let your preschooler “read” to you.

Find a good picture book, and let your preschooler “read” to you! Don’t tell them what the story is—let them tell you what they think the story is based on the pictures that are given. Books that are completely pictures with no words are excellent resources. Check out your local library to see what they have on the shelves!

In addition to these ideas, remember to have regular conversations with your child, and give them plenty of opportunities to talk with people of all ages. The bigger range of age, the bigger the socialization benefit will be!

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